How to access your energy? 110% in 10 minutes

     ” Breath  flow  creates  life  flow “

                                                                                    Yogini Kaliji


Having trouble to get up in the morning? Feeling slow and sleepy all day, especially in the afternoon? As you age you tend to think that you are just getting older and out of shape and you keep saying to yourself  “as soon as I do X thing, I’m going to work on myself“! But you never do and days are passing. If so, you are maybe suffering from low oxygen in your blood. If you fix this, your “work on yourself” days could come faster!  


How important is O2?

Oxygen provides us with energy so we can use raw materials (food and water) to make more. Look at it as a door to your depository of power. Superman derives his power from the sun of Earth, Batmen from the darkness and you from pure O2.

” Bad guys” here are toxins – the product of metabolism. During that transformation, we are stuck with toxins. Without enough oxygen, our cells cannot be cleansed.

You can notice the first symptom of low blood oxygen in shortness of breath after a slight physical effort. Also, a lack of oxygen can lower your immunity levels. So, the more oxygen you have in blood, the healthier you will be. Simple.

When your body doesn’t have enough oxygen, you could get hypoxemia or hypoxia. Hypoxemia (low oxygen in your blood) can cause hypoxia (low oxygen in your tissues). Both are known as conditions when your blood doesn’t carry enough oxygen to meet your body’s needs.

Lot’s of things can cause this hidden killer:

low blood oxygen

  •  lung disease
  •  bronchitis
  •  pneumonia
  •  fluid in lungs
  •  heart problems
  •  a low number of red blood cells (carriers of oxygen)
  •  breathing room air
  •  any shock or long-term stress


Oxygen deficiency can have serious effects on your heart and brain. But what if you are not sick or not taking any medications? What if you realize that many diseases could be prevented simply by using oxygen and breathing properly?!

Low oxygen level can result in poor eyesight, short memory, and fatigue, weak muscles, and reduced focus. You know. . .days when you feel like you have been hit by a truck.

Get fresh air

Oxygen isn’t something that you use to think about. You breathe and voila, you are ok.

O2 has been medically available since the 1700’s and nowadays it has become a supplement, but there are ways to boost your oxygen level natural and straightforward.

Although oxygen supplements are being advertised as clean and natural, it may not be the best thing for you. Try the air in your environment, a green one! In all honesty, oxygen levels are depleted in city areas, so you can find a nearby forest or park and take 1-2 hour walks.

Go outside or at least open the window. Being out in nature and touching grass and leaves will prevent stress and relax you. Feel the grass under your bare feet, touch a moss on a trunk of the tree, smell flowers, notice the clouds and breathe properly. This is a recipe to stay active and hold on through the end of your workday. Instead of smoking during the break, do this.

For those of you who tend to wake up, settle down behind a computer, and forget to move, try to change that harmful pattern. When you feel sleepy, go outside before your eyes and fingertips start to stick to the computer. One big break during the day doesn’t work the best for all.


breathing properly

So how exactly to access my energy by breathing?  

It’s tempting to crash on the sofa in front of a TV, but when you are working to a deadline and feeling droopy, take 10-20 minutes and lie or sit down. Make sure your window is open so you get fresh air into the room. Then breathe from the belly, relax your body, and slightly extend each breath.

Do some belly breathing! Don’t know how exactly? No worries, it’s easy. Just remember it’s belly breathing, not chest breathing.

  • Lean back in sitting position or you can lay down on your back  
  • Place your one hand on your stomach and the other on your abdomen
  • Slowly breathe in filling your stomach with air (only hand on belly is moving)
  • Keep it in for a 1-2 seconds
  • Slowly exhale through mouth all the air like you are blowing out candles on the cake (only hand on belly is moving)
  • Feel the movements when you do this, and let your belly relax 
  • You will feel the benefit after 10 minutes.

If you find this to be awkward and self-conscious at first, it may because you usually breathe with the chest. Don’t worry. Try it like this 5-10 minutes, one or two times a day. It will become routine to you.

If you are a person who always pushes himself, and is wired all the time, you may be living on adrenaline. Try to slow down and take deep breaths.

One more pointer for you is to look at a baby or 2-3 year old child and their stomachs. They know the stuff. They breathe deep and correctly take oxygen.

Wait! What?

I look funny, don’t I?  Yes, I’m saying that grownups don’t breathe correctly anymore. They have forgotten how due to some trauma or great fear during childhood and began with shallow breathing.

How can effective breathing help us in everyday life?

If you breathe correctly, your body is able to gain maximum benefits for respiration and replenishing your brain and essential organs with nutrients. The first organ that will suffer is skin because it’s not supplied with fresh blood. Normal readings are between 95-100%. Under 92% you are starting to feel sleepy and under 90% muscle pain are appearing.

There are several breathing techniques. I do these two.

POWER BREATH – Do it in standing position, keep you back straighten. The palm of your hands are on your back towards kidneys (left palm -left kidney, right palm-right kidney). Breathe in 5 sec, hold 1-2 seconds and breathe out as much as you can. Push your belly towards kidneys. Breath out for 2-3 seconds. You can do this for 10 minutes.

This will warm you up, speed up metabolism and get you inspired. Therefore, it should be the first thing in the morning after your toilet delights.  😉

PIECE BREATH – You can do it in a standing position while you wait in line, or laying on your bad. Breathe in very slowly for 5-6 seconds, hold it in 2-3 seconds and again very slowly breathe out for 5-6 seconds. Do it smoothly and before a meal. It’s going to look like you have a big belly but you shouldn’t care because you are doing this to access your energy. Do it for 10 minutes.

It’s essential to focus on your breathing. Take pauses in your activities and do some long deep belly breaths. Notice how your body feels more energized and stress-free. This will decrease the heart rate and blood pressure. When you start getting more oxygen, you will release more metabolic waste products, i.e. carbon dioxide.


Steps to transform your breathing habits

  • Gain awareness of your breathing
  • Practice correct breathing mechanics
  • Start feeling results of proper breathing in 10 min.
  • Engage in regular walking through the forest 
  • Engage in regular exercise such as yoga
  • Have this energy ace always in your “sleeve”


6 indoor plants that purify the air 


plants that purify air


ALOE VERA – People have been using it more than 6000 years. A smart choice for your everyday office window. Easy to grow. When the amount of chemicals raise, foliage will get brown dots.

spider plant purify indoor air


SPIDER PLANT (chlorophytum comosum) – Extra resilient plant, made for people who don’t have time. Battles with carbon monoxide and chemical products in rubber and printed objects. It’s not toxic, so it’s safe for kids and pets.

best plant air purify

SNAKE PLANT (sansevieria trifasciata) – This plant is one of the best for filtering out formaldehyde which is common in cleaning products. Put one in your bathroom. You may also put it in the bedroom because they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen at night (this is opposite of the most other plants), or you can throughout the person with whom you share the bed.  😉

golden pothos,air purify,oxygen


GOLDEN POTHOS (scindapsus aures) – This fast-growing wine will stay green even in a dark area of your indoors, but the best is a bright spot with indirect sun. A great fighter against furniture chemicals and carbon-monoxide.

WEEPING FIG (Ficus Benjamina) – It’s high maintenance plant. You must know your stuff around it. In your living room can filter out pollutants that typically are coming from furniture, varnishes, and paints like benzene and trichloroethane. Allergic people should avoid this plant.


plant in my room


AZALEA (rhododendron simsii) – While most of the plants are resting, azaleas bloom. This beauty also pics up formaldehyde and cleans room area. Azaleas like cool area or even sunny basement. NASA has provided research for best air purifying plants. 


What if I can’t make a deep belly breath?

Do you avoid parties or invitations from the relatives and friends, because of the fear of breathing and burping? Whenever you eat, your stomach gets bloated which makes it hard for you to make a deep breath?

If you have been experiencing a dull, tight pain in the stomach whenever you tried to take a deep breath, and you burp and yawn all the time, your problem might be something different. I had those issues. Let’s see…

SOLUTION NO:  1  No matter what test you do, no one will find anything physically wrong. The problem might be anxiety, fear, tight pants and bad posture from sitting all day. Learn how to relax, breathe properly as I recommend here and exercise regularly ( or walk 60 min/day). A problem will slowly go away. You just need to figure out how to relax. Chew your food, don’t inhale it.

SOLUTION NO:  2   Go and see a chiropractor. Your problem might be muscular, although you don’t recall suffering from any injury. Check out your ribs and spine. Maybe your rib bone is moved. That can put pressure on nerves, causing the pain in the stomach or chest and inability to fully take a deep breath.

SOLUTION NO:  3    Your belly isn’t in the right position. This could be a raised stomach condition. It can be moved 29 cm in diameter, 12 cm under the rib, and 17 cm down in the pelvis.  So what is the treatment for returning stomach to the “city”?   Massage!

You must have an empty stomach. Palpation of the pulse around navel determines whether the stomach is raised or lowered. It’s reduced and becomes thinner causing nausea, pain and no appetite. A massage therapist who is doing a massage must bring the stomach to its right position with slow movements and oily hands.

You must remain still and relax abdominal muscles by breathing out. As soon as the stomach is in the right position, it will return back to the normal size and circulation will return to normal. You will hear  “grrrrrr” from your abdomen. Like an “I’m hungry sound”  🙂

Who can take this treatment?    

This therapeutic massage is not recommended for pregnant women, women during menstruation, patients with cancer, people who have issues with blood pressure, as well as patients with an acute infection. After completion of treatment, you should pay attention to nutrition.       

Stay away from heavy meals, overeating or jumping.

Oxygen is the cure for some of the most common diseases

You shouldn’t be surprised. The cure for the most dreadful diseases that were revealed as long as a century ago has been kept under a secret, so that multi-billion dollar companies could earn money on their’s medical solutions. The concept of oxygen therapy dates back to the 1920’s.

Oxygen is a dangerous element for anaerobic bacteria as they need an oxygen-poor environment to live. The most destructive of all pathogens known today caused fatal diseases in the past. For example, Escherichia coli dies after it’s exposure to pure oxygen for a maximum of 1 minute. In the old days, same happened to bacteria of tuberculosis when was isolated. Bad “guys” do not like O2.

Oxygen therapy (and this doesn’t mean to reinvent the wheel) can fight pathogens, viruses, fungi, yeast, molds, parasite. Whatever the type, the immune system works against it before cause disease.

The key to strength lies in an ability to use oxygen.

Curing diabetes with oxygen

According to a study of alternative and anti-aging medicine in Nevada, the significant levels of diabetes can be lowered by having and obtaining high oxygen levels. People who have diabetes in many cases have wounds.

The study conducted in London shows huge benefit in healing diabetic foot ulcers. Dr. Tina Deng, a health care analyst, says: “as an essential component, oxygen enhances general cells metabolism and energy production and brings itself in the bloodstream and tissues.

This review is a direct connection. So, if you have diabetes, start walking as much as you can and learn to breathe correctly.

Curing cancer with oxygen

Lack of oxygen in tissues may lead to hypoxia, which may compromise essential functions in our bodies. Otto Warburg (who won a Nobel prize for his research on cancer) discovered that oxygen is in fact enemy of cancer cells. So, how does it work?

Oxygen therapy enhances sensitivity and elevates immune system, making it more effective in fighting the nasty thing. One of Warburg’s hypothesis was that low levels of oxygen are a primary cause of cancer. Dr. Wendell Hendricks (winner of Nobel prize in cancer research)  said: “ cancer is a condition within the body which has become so depleted that the body cells have degenerated.”

Similarly, the real cause is lowered oxidation process within the body causing the affected individual to be sensitive to any foreign substances entering our bodies.” You heard them both!

According to the department of clinical phytopathology in Florence, Italy, the first phase towards disease is low oxygen (hypoxia). The second is inflammation. The final is a disease.

But, there are things that you can do to prevent any sickness. Everything you do with your body should be aimed to increase oxygen levels and lowering stress. By stress, I mean biochemically created by toxic food, bad environment or contamination.

By eliminating these attacks in your body, you will lower inflammation and chances of getting a nasty disease.


If you have some family member who is prescribed oxygen therapy, to wear it around or when sleeping, he should consult a doctor and try hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Serves to maintain a healthy circulation especially in the capillaries. In this therapy, you breathe pure oxygen in a pressurized room or space tube.

It provides an air pressure that is three times higher than usual.

It is designed to allow a person to breathe in three times more oxygen, replenishing the tissue with a rich supply of oxygen.

Stimulates the growth of healthy cells and wound healing.

Also stimulates blood vessel growth and increase blood flow, elevates the body’s natural immune defenses to fight infection and bacteria. It promotes new nerve growth in the brain, reduces radiation, induced inflammation in tissues and bones. Patients who have suffered strokes, traumatic brain injuries, and dementia can significantly benefit from this treatment.

Am I looking funny to you and are you still questioning this?

What do you have to lose? It’s just breathing.