” There is no wi-fi in the forest but I promise, you will find a better connection ”                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Unknown                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Feeling stressed? Having problems with the blood pressure of any kind and your vision blurs sometimes?

Then stretch your body and mind and try to get to know Shinrin-yoku. If you ever stayed at a nearby almost unpolluted forest and returned with a smile on your face, then you had your experience with Shinrin-yoku.

Health therapy invented by Japanese people and used for centuries is in official use since the 1980s.

Shinrin-yoku or forest bathing includes a visit to a nearby forest or a national park for relaxation and recreation. Walk through the woods can be a fun way to spend a day or perhaps a weekend. Furthermore, you can expect to get many natural health benefits.

Every forest is desirable so leave your phone muted. Make your own non-inciting pace – deep breathing, slow steps, and head looking in all directions except down toward the ground. Deep abdominal breathing will force you to focus on the scent of nearby bush or tree bark.

After 15 or 2o minutes stand still and breathe like you are going to dive underwater.

Remember, abdominally!


Nature’s Valium

Your airways are opening, eyes might become watery because you inhale natural chemicals which are coming from the treetops. Maybe you’ll hear buzzing in ears due to your body’s need to adapt to new “supplies”.

Shinrin-yoku is not a marathon. Rest when needed or when you find a nice place where you’ll be able to unleash your senses.

Take all of the peacefulness.

Inhale and slowly exhale and feel anxiety and tension crawl away together. Exhale the warmth and relax your muscles.

forest bathing

Suddenly you don’t even hear a neighbor yelling at her husband. What about those awful kitchen
smells that aren’t even yours?! Shinrin-yoku is thoughtfully created to break you away from everyday life and bring you back more readily and in better condition.

More useful than the gym

Shinrin-yoku is better than walking on assembly line track in your gym and has a positive effect on your whole body.

Although you won’t see a cute looking girl or guy in the forest, or maybe you could?!

Research conducted in Japan in 24 forests showed a significant reduction of the stress hormone cortisol. This state is due to the inhalation of aromatic chemicals from the trees and other plants. Research also demonstrated that women who carried out forest bathing through one week 90 min/day got an increase of white blood cells by 40%.

On the other hand, what do you think why football players train in the mountains surrounded by trees?!


way to health



That feeling of bliss that washes over you when you “get away from it all” isn’t just in your head.

There’s just a very few medical reports on this subject, but recent studies that came from the Far East showed us how much fresh air is really healthy. Korean scientists are investigating this phenomenon. Results are showing that the blood pressure in those who walked through the forest is considerably reduced. The elasticity of their arteries is improving in contrast to the people who walk through the urban landscape.

Fresh forest air contains the whole world of “things”. The ones that are very important to our health are called ions.

What do you think, which are good for us?

Positive or negative?

Positive ion (cation) is an atom that is due to various elements (ultraviolet radiation, tv screening) lost 1 or 2 electrons.

Negative ion ( anion ) is an atom which has all his “parts” and is desirable for our air system. In closed rooms, air is rapidly losing oxygen. Urban areas have a much lower concentration of ions per cm3.


waterfalls – 50.000
forests and mountains – 5.000
countryside – 1.500
office – 50


Oxygen penetrates more quickly where there are more negative ions. In other words, the human body responds well to 1000 ions/cm3. Is this a straight fact, you decide, but it remains that when someone isn’t feeling well, the first thing to do is to carry the person out of the closed area, to open a window or splash him with water.



– reduced blood pressure
– reduced stress
– balanced depression
– improved sleep
– the increase of men sexual power
– the overall increase in a sense of happiness
– increased energy level
– better ability to focus

forest bathing,shinrin-yoku

Regardless of body weight and physical activity, as well as all other behaviors associated with long-term health problems: the more sitting, = more bad things will happen to your body. So you should take a walk every day 30-60 minutes wherever you can.

NOTE: You won’t get these results by hiking, running or mountain biking because it’s a different way of moving and breathing.

Dr. Quing Li, a professor at Nippon medical school in Tokyo, Japan explained a few important things of Shinrin-yoku:

– Does the walking towards the forest count the same as walking through it?
Although useful, the impact on the health is much more powerful when you walking in the forest because of the amount of oxygen and comfort of the forest trails.

– How many miles/hours…?
3 miles is good exercise. Take as long as you need. Bring water and a light snack.

– Best results?
Spend a weekend at a cottage or camping. 2 days/ 3 nights

– How large should be the forest?
bigger then 0,5 ha, tree height (higher than 5m), more than 20m wide

– Which type of forest?
Japanese experts are recommending cypress (Chamaecyparis obtuse) and Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria)

– Evergreen or deciduous?
Deciduous forests make more oxygen than evergreen does. One deciduous tree is the record holder in producing oxygen and comes from the Far East. Have you ever heard about Paulownia? In addition to its beauty, incredible profitability, and medicinal properties, Paulownia has proven itself as the world record holder in the absorption of CO2 and production of oxygen.

Evergreen ones make forest more scented due to a resin in bark and needles.



A primitive Amazonian tribe appears to have the best heart health in the world. They live near the Bolivian forest that provides them excellent protection against all modern man disease. The Tsimane people of Bolivia lead an active life near and in Amazon rainforest. Thanks to this, Tsimane people have arteries unclogged by the cholesterol plaque which is all modern man problem.



How to stop bad habits? Repetition is one of the best techniques that people use. The more we repeat good things, we have less time for bad ones and they’re staying in our mind.

Reward yourself when you do something hard but good for your health. Look at the eyes of people that don’t have health as you do, and ask yourself: “am I going to be able to tie my shoelaces in a couple of decades or so”?

It looks like someone invented a hole in a pot, but maybe people could now be more ready to walk around when they know more facts. Not counting the species that live underground ( and they often emerge out) we have become a species of the interior.

Today many people are stressed and seek solutions, but such application there’s nowhere in sight. Think about it, and get your lazy butt out there.

Everyone wants to progress in their life. Self-growth requires constant desire to learn new stuff about the world and yourself. In a word of Japanese people: KAIZEN!


In the end. . .

If you ask me, I adore evergreen forests due to aromatic scents, and because it’s a true splendor to see a green oasis in the winter time.

On one occasion a few of my friends and I went for a couple of long walks in the nearby forest. A pal of mine apparently ate something bad and got sick to his stomach. A nearby bush looked like a great idea for a toilet. Less than 2 minutes have passed when he runs out with his pants down. Mosquitoes seeing his white “behind” descended to it like it was a bulb.

So, a forest can be a lot of fun too!