So, you think you can write product descriptions for your supplements by yourself?

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

Description writing is hard, especially one that people love and read all the way through, along with being hot for your stuff.

Hard to get those creative juices flowing and get started.

Hard to know how product description writing develops.

Hard to write it better than your competitors.

Hard to get people to read and buy.

When it comes to product description writing services, it’s ALL hard.

Or is it?

You can create guaranteed good product descriptions better than your competitors with ease by following a simple system that makes the process effortless.

And in this guide, I will show you my best product description writing hacks that will make your writing fun.

Are you interested?

Then keep reading…

If it isn’t obvious enough already why you need to write a great product description, then here’s the deal…


If your product description writing is crap, then people don’t care what you have to say or offer them.

Here is the moral of the statement above.

A few days ago, my father came to me and said he wants to buy an aluminum ladder. So I said, ok, let’s see what the almighty G has to show us, (that’s Google, not God)  šŸ˜‰ And we found several good ones, but something was missing.

You guess it! The online store forgot about product description writing services (or thought they were irrelevant) …oh my…

You could not find the height of the ladder

You could not find its weight

You could not find what the system for unfolding is

So we went on the other website and found all that info and then some. Even though the latter ladder was in the other part of the city (the first one was in our neighborhood), we drove 9 miles more to get it.

Now, what happens when selling supplements and you omit essential info? People relocate to a different website.

But there are even more things to consider when writing product descriptions

People will judge you on the quality of the content you put out. So if it’s low quality, you’re screwed, and you’re not going to make any money online.

However, if it’s a high-quality product description, you’ve got a good chance of making money online.

That’s why you should focus on playing a little with product description writing. And the good news? It’s much easier than you think.

product description writing services

How to get started with product description writing for supplements?

There’s a proven way to get started (and finish) quickly and effortlessly EVERY TIME.

Here’s the deal:

You probably thought writing product descriptions was about being a great writer, right? It’s not. You don’t have to be an English professor or Shakespeare to write a quality one.

What if I told you it didn’t even matter if you were a non-native speaker, dyslexic, or a bad writer?

Well, here’s good news:

IT DOES NOT MATTER. I follow and love blogs from people who are:

– Writing in English even though it’s their second language

– Dyslexic and struggle to string a sentence together

– Are pretty poor writers who can’t write coherent sentences if their lives depended on it?

Then why? Because they are real.

They put real character into their content. They talk from the heart, and I can relate to them. They are fun. So even though it might not be the best-written content in the world, it connects with me. This is what your product description on supplements should also evoke.

So now you’re probably wondering how you start with description writing.

1. Go to Reddit

There, you will find people talking about pretty much anything. For example, let’s say that you need a product description for fitness supplements.

And you have a product description for pumping muscles in the late afternoon.

On Reddit, you may find people complaining about not being able to fall asleep when they get back from the gym because their supplement is full of caffeine.

Forums are great places to find what bothers people. Can you imagine a product description that speaks directly to your buyer’s need?

On the other side…

Have you seen those 6 lines of robotic product descriptions on supplements? They have only a few benefits. In the old days, that was enough, but today, people want to find out more. They want to discover why something works and why it isn’t in their case.  They want to read something that sounds like it’s coming from a REAL person. Not a robot. Not an academic. Not Shakespeare.

And you are going to provide them with the correct info.

Don’t worry. Start writing in the way you think and speak. It’s totally natural and will flow easily.

Even Ernest Hemmingway famously said, “The first draft of anything is shit.” So if it turns out a bit rough around the edges, you can edit it later.

2. Writing an opening paragraph (an opening line)

It should start by showing you understand your target group’s problem (the one you’re about to talk about in the product description). Next, in great detail, explain what your product will do for them by attaching the problems you found on Reddit.

Let’s see one such example:

NutritionĀ® made this for the boys and girls who are sensitive to caffeine or hitting the gym late at night but still geared to use something “pump” orientated.

Do you see how this speaks to your prospect? Now, you got them interested.

3. Combining the main points of the supplement you are selling

I’ll admit, this one needs some practice. But remember, no one knows this supplement better than you. You know its benefits, so play a little.

What would you like to hear first if you are a buyer?!

4. Product description writing services are a fun way to get your creative juices going

Remember, people are sick and tired of dry info. For that, they have a great book of plants or a Great book of anatomy. After covid’s madness, people are responding differently to buying. They are full of fear and more cautious.

So put a fun, friendly line in 2 or 3 places when writing a product description. This is crucial for your success.

You don’t agree with what I said?

Tell me, then, who is making more money? Teachers or actors, musicians?

So what are you telling me then, Nesh?

I am telling you that people want to be amused while learning about your supplement.

And also: People are more likely to connect with a person than a business. And if your service is of any service, they will gladly keep coming back.

5. Product description must have a flow

Like water running across the meadow, your paragraphs must have a flow that answers all your potential buyer’s essential questions- one by one.

Go through some blogs, YT videos, and comments and see the top concerns. Again, you can find more on forums.

6. When writing product descriptions for supplements, you must have a list

People want to read them. It’s an unexplained scientific phenomenon. So when your audience sees a list, they want to read it. No, if’s, but’s, or questions asked.

Just like you’re reading this one right now. List posts are a great way to ‘Trojan Horse’ your way into people’s minds. You can grab them with a catchy title and then hit them with a cold hard gut punch of knowledge.

What list would that be? List of benefits that describe why your supplement is better than competitors.

If we go back to the fitness supplement form above, then this will look something like this:

  • For endurance sports
  • More power behind each rep
  • Lowers heart rate without fatigue
  • Increases the number of set 1 repetition by 13%
  • 15-30 minutes to “kick in,” depending on how recent the last meal was
  • Watermelon flavor

This list can go first, but sometimes it is better to put it at the end. For example, if your supplement is new, put it in the end, but if it’s already seen but is different, put your list upfront at the beginning of the product description.

7. Wake-up calls

Is there something your audience really slacks on? Then, this is where you give them the kick up the ass they need.

Honestly, call them out. You don’t have to get all Full Metal Jacket about it. But you need to show them the error of their ways.

I will retake the example of a fitness supplement.

A few people might complain of GI upset after using citrulline supplements. If you are one of them, we recommend reducing the dose.

This sentence takes what they’re doing wrong – virtually every day – and gives them the words they need to hear to make that change.

Take a moment to think about different things your audience may be neglecting right now: their posture, their hygiene, bad habits, lack of discipline,

Anything they should be doing, call them out on it.

Just be sure to give them something actionable to work with to change their thinking in the future. All rant and no help makes for a pointless pd.

These types of product descriptions are great for engagement and value. If your reader walks away thinking, “Damn, I need to take a look at myself,” you’re onto an actual prized product description writing.

In the end …

Everyone wants a magic pill. That one supplement will take them from their crappy situation to new heights.

Writing a good product description or hiring someone for product description writing services is your chance to make their reality way easier.

Either way, you can’t have a blank

Either way, you canā€™t have a blank product description space or a short robotic one. You might call it a disaster and start selling your supplements to relatives. You might call it a disaster and start selling your supplements to relatives.

Times have certainly changed.

If the above looks complicated or you don’t have the time, send me a message. We can discover together how to make your sales better.