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Product description copywriter

                                                     Sell any CBD, Herbal or Fitness supplement

Let’s face it!

You’re bleeding leads and trashing cash by ignoring one key component of your supplement.

“With 10 years of corporate marketing, 8 years of internet marketing, / SEO experience with local businesses and Harvard education, I’ve assessed many freelance copywriters in my days. This time I was looking for a copywriter who can handle product descriptions. Someone who knows the ins and outs of copywriting + someone who is a great researcher + a storyteller. You wouldn’t believe how rare the combination of the three is. 

But along the way, I also found someone friendly, open to ideas, not short-tempered, with no airs and graces, and won’t charge you unless you’re satisfied. That’s Nesh. He used excellent everyday language to write and adjust the copy. A copy that sounds like a human being is talking to another human being… copy where the sales pitch doesn’t come across as “buy, buy, buy,” but as the natural conclusion of an irresistible offer. 

A copy that’s something else…”

– Katalin Cseke, WODFITTERS, Lorton VA, USA


Product description copywriter to the rescue!


“Once upon a time, there was this guy or girl who had this problem that really bothered him/her.

He/she did everything there was to avoid it, but eventually, he/she HAD to face it, so things don’t get worse.

This problem may have turned into an enemy.

Along the way, he/she met a guide who helped him/her and gave him/her knowledge that assisted in overcoming that problem.

At the climax it gets INTENSE.

There is doubt, fear, and hope that he can accomplish it and defeat the enemy.

However, once all is said and done, he/she comes out on the other side completely transformed.

Plus, he/she saves the day.”


My name is Nesh Pejak, and writing Product Descriptions on the Herbal Supplements subject in storytelling style are my specialty.


What I just shared with you is called “the hero’s journey.”

It is a framework within EVERY SINGLE SUCCESSFUL movie.


Most producers and directors won’t take on a film unless it follows this layout.


Because the brain easily understands this story.

Does your supplement own a story? 




With any copywriter, you are not buying your way INTO something, you are buying your way OUT of something


Maybe that “problem” you have of feeling stuck, frustrated, or fearful…is simply there to show you that you can do BEYOND the mind and start to sell on YOUR terms.

Maybe you judge yourself for thinking you should “be further along than you are.”

Dear friend,

What would it mean for your business if, instead of 20 supplements a day, you sold 30?

Product description copywriter

Herbal & dietary supplements

Amazon copywriter

Congruent with Amazon’s strict rules

Product description and fitness supplement copywriter

Bodybuilding & Crossfit supplements

Product description copywriter (200 x 200)

Herbal & dietary supplements

Product description copywriter for Amazon (200 x 200)

Congruent with Amazon’s strict rules

Product description and fitness supplement copywriter (200 x 200)

Bodybuilding & Crossfit supplements

Most businesses struggle to talk about what they have to offer.

This product description copywriter has a process that helps you clarify your message so you can have peace of mind again.

If you own a business and are involved in the selling or development of herbal supplements that absolutely must bring home the bacon and add dollars, you must know that an Ad and a prayer is not enough.

I mean… There is only one Internet. We all use it daily.

Same Internet, but VERY different results.

Also, we all used words. Yet, for some, they are just that. Words.
But what about those who are using them and get GREAT results?!

You could be doing the same thing!?

I’m changing the way companies like yours talk about themselves – helping you to create engaging stories to motivate action.

After Covid’s madness, people are not spending like they used to, and this means that you have to be better at marketing by taking a different approach.
Product description copywriter

Through everyday language, I speak to prospects in a way that builds on their hopes, dreams, and fears.

By explaining better than MD does, you’ll be making yourself a trustful seller, and ally, they have been searching for a long time-THEIR HERO!  A nurtured prospect over time turns into a loyal customer.

And this means that clients are going to look at your supplements for guidance on the best approach- $$$$$$$$

I assume that you’re a hard-working person and that you care about your business and your clients from the bottom of your heart.

But I know that you must be a little frustrated, right now. Believe me. I get it.

Many product description copywriters have unique experiences that compelled them to start on the journey to life-changing health. I should know; I am one.


And this means for you:

product description copywriter

How do you know that hiring this product description copywriter 

won’t be a big waste of your time and money?


I’ll write you one product description in the way I do it and send you on review.

If you don’t like it, I don’t want your money, and you can do with it whatever you want.