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We’ve got a skeptical one!

It looks like you made it past all the opt-in pages?! It’s ok. Some people are just born worriers. 

Herein lies my portfolio.


Alternative health blogger
Can you imagine that? Never to sneeze again, never to have droopy eyes, watery nose or temperature. Somehow this is all happening when the telephone is ringing non-stop, the kids are bothering with stupid questions…
When I see people eating from paper plates, paper bags, with plastic forks, and drinking from plastic glasses, that level of people’s disinfection only reminds me of chickens in network cage that only need to eat and lay eggs…
You probably heard that more and more people are using superfoods in their diets!? If you belong to an older generation you probably think: “They are crazy. I have a regular and healthy diet. I don’t need any icky shake.”
Well, the next time those pesky ‘stimulant cravings’ raise their ugly Jing-depleting head, why not reach for a delicious rejuvenating latte instead? Not only does it taste fantastic, it’s also packed with Jing tonic herbs which…
You’re watching a 100-meters race for the Olympic gold medal. The runners get set in their lanes, the crowd roars, then… BANG! The runners take-off. And 10 seconds later… we have the results. Gold. Silver. Bronze…
Maybe it’s not just a matter of a boss, a co-worker, or an insignificant job; maybe it just doesn’t suit you spending your time in one of the hundreds of offices and imaging how aboundingly you will eat as soon as you come home?

           What my clients say?              


” I hate to see somebody go to the trouble of completing a manuscript that’s going to be rejected, so I like to scan at a short copy wrapped up in a couple of sentences first. If it doesn’t grab me in the beginning, it’s going in the reject pile (that’s my professional bug from editorial days).

Nesh wrote the whole post and sent it to me for a quick overview. I didn’t read it once but twice.
The post was fun and punchy, and I liked the big idea that nowadays many are missing. Furthermore, the post wasn’t just informational but conversational and made me think deeper. Nesh’s every work is a feature.           p.s. I like the bonuses.”

– Sotiris Bassakaropoulos, “Health & Wellness cures”

” I’m not particularly great in conveying my ideas into words, and although I love worldbuilding and writing stories, I often find I could use some cleanup work and someone to work on them with me. And so a friend has pointed out that Writer’s meadow is a feasible possibility.
I liked working with Nesh on this project very much because of his experience in my idea and a collaborative attitude. Regarding price… good writers aren’t cheap! Yeah, but what’s easy on that is that by reading Nesh’s writings you realize how energetic and fun his attitude towards life is, thus making your work enjoyable to read and not caring the price (there are much more expensive and not better bloggers out there).
In the end, one thing is for sure, great bloggers will get enough work through referrals, and they probably don’t need a presence in many places.
I would refer Nesh to anyone reading this.”

– Todra Payne, “Healthy Beauty Project” 

“I had a blogger that I’ve worked with for years. After she got married and stopped freelancing I had to find someone who could deliver like I used to expect. For a short time, I tried it myself, but my drafts looked like a blind cobblers thumb. I felt like a stook. Luckily, my previous blogger was one of Nesh’s friends and introduced me to him.

Upon landing on his site, I immediately liked his cheerful craic way of posting. So I gave this lad a chance, and I don’t regret it. Go Nesh.

– Daniel Kelly, “WEIGHTALOGUE Online magazine”
” Nesh is my man!!!!  He’s alert, a quick-witted fellow with the old school of approach to work. I finished Idaho State University and I had never seen someone taking his research like this guy. I was looking for someone who can do his homework and bring it on the acceptable level for all my customers. 
And our products are being sold to people from 13 to 95 years old. Nesh stays as my go-to guy for writing on herbal supplements.”
– Heather Peters, “SLIGRO food group”

“We’ve been talking for the past few months after connecting on Linkedin, and I thought it would be great to get an insight on the health industry, more specifically a company we were looking to purchase. Throughout the process Nesh was attentive and his work nothing less than spectacular. He proved himself as a dynamic, highly professional, and communicative writer who takes care of his customers!
I feel like I gained a friend.”

–  Mandee Woodard, VP at “Courtney Jordan Holdings”

I’m pleased to recommend Nesh to anybody in need for a natural health blogger. Although I’ve only communicated with Nesh remotely, I’ve gotten to know him as a reliable writer with excellent communication skills and a good understanding of creating a conversational content! “

– Gleb Oleinik, Natural-health writer

“Nesh is a person easy to work with. Good listener, full of ideas. He came well prepared, and the project was executed perfectly. Both meta descriptions and excerpts now outline a brief passage to summarize the content of my photos. Keywords match precisely what a customer would be looking for in a stock photo.
We even had some extra time for a coffee — my recommendation.”

 – Dejan Kolar, “Getty Images”

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