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Copywriting recipe

Instead of the usual talk about how ‘I am the best supplement copywriter you had the crazy luck to stumble upon‘, let me tell you a story about two supplement copywriters.


Just kidding.


But to better understand what you need in a moment like this, I prepared you a copywriting recipe that only applies to people who have a production and sell dietary supplements.

Of course, the story also goes for Amazon selling ‘Bravehearts’.

(People who are looking for amazon product description writing services.) 


After my morning walk, I found a ginormous pile of lettuce leaves in the kitchen. They were picked, washed, and dried on a big tray.

When my girlfriend saw me looking at it, she told me that Riki (a fellow Amazon product description writer) brought it this morning from his garden.

(Riki and Anna have a fabulous vegetable garden nearby where we drink San Pedro and beer).

But Riki was shocked to discover that neither my girl nor I ate lettuce.

“WHAT!???!????? YOU DON’T EAT LETTUCE!???!?????” 


– he shouted at the top of his lungs before throwing his enormous shovel-like hands onto his forehead.

Exactly, Riki,” I replied with guru-level serenity, apparently unaffected by Riki’s lettuce tantrum. “To us, it’s not a vegetable. No calories, no taste, and absolutely no idea how to make it taste good. And we probably burn more calories chewing it than it contains.

WHAT THE F*#K!@#!@$%!!!!!!!!!!!!” 

Riki screamed while banging his head against his hands.

He stared at us with eyes wide and mouth open before shaking his head and stomping off to way out to do some work (probably while munching on some of that ‘tasty’ lettuce).

Kinda reminds me of the ‘self-help’ act of the cooking industry.

Books and courses that promise 5 EASY STEPS TO FAST, RAPID DELICIOUS MEAL


 Ingredients that you already have in your kitchen 

An oven ✓

Big spoon ✓

Shiny tongs ✓

And a fancy white hat ✓


And after all the mess, you are still hungry, and your guests are making an excuse to leave right now!

Very few calories or nutrients. No taste. And absolutely no style when it comes to salsa dancing (or anything, really).

(I know, I know. This is a copywriting WEBSITE… NOT a self-help one.)

However, product description writing services work the same way. I have had to meet many people looking for a supplements copywriter wondering what is product description writing. 

I know, but no exaggeration here!

They did everything as someone who tried to prepare lettuce and all kinds of other weird stuff, hoping it’ll make them better copywriters or finally land them a sale!!

I’m not saying your experience doesn’t work. It does. But sometimes, when you have to run so many other things, your knowledge might work kind of like how lettuce works:

If you eat enough of it for a long enough (probably years), you might get somewhere.




But wouldn’t it be more efficient to simply “eat” something more nutritious?

Depositphotos_4921747_S (330 x 325)

Then you’d sort yourself out in less time than it takes to say, “lettuce is awesome” or “This product description writing service is fantastic!”. Maybe even: “my Amazon/Shopify product description sells like crazy

That’s where I can help you.

If the copywriting advices you found, but also opinions, and fancy online tools are like lettuce, I would say that my product description is a perfectly cooked juicy Rib Eye steak (or, for the herbivores among us, a $14 green smoothie packed with spirulina and goji berries).

And I cooked for many out there! 


I ‘prepared‘ fitness supplements, natural plant supplements, and even manuka honey supplements, and let’s not forget Amazon!!!


This is my MENU! 

And you who are about to hire a product description writer will get a product description made by a copywriting recipe by Chef Nesh!

Product Description from Nesh is filled with nutrients. It tastes great. And it has MAD salsa skills, woah!!!

Whatever you want to achieve in business, you’ll get there faster by having a good (tasty) copy and content.

Anyway, if you’re sick of eating lettuce all the freaking time, come get some steak or a green smoothie and send me a message!

You can even pour the green smoothie onto your steak… though I wouldn’t recommend it (speaking from experience.)

P.S. Had fun while reading? Don’t worry. So will your visitors and customers. And after covid’s madness is nicer to say: “you need D3 to dance again than you will die soon if you don’t buy this“, which many M.D.s nowadays gladly do.

​        Now, let’s get to the real stuff!

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