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 7 characteristics of a good blog

Whether you are still thinking about starting a blog or already have your little piece of the Internet, one thing is for sure – you want your posts to be read. 

Based on many years of experience, both as someone who writes for several blog owners and as someone who reads numerous blogs, I have singled out seven features that good, quality blogs have. If you want to take your blog to the next level or check if your blog already has these features, continue reading.


Minimalistic design

The design is the first thing a reader faces when entering your blog. Good blogs are easy to navigate, and everything is clear and impressive. That’s why the most often chosen background is white. That is a primary color. Besides white, you should mix two more. Since you are coming from the land of supplements, I suggest green. It won’t tire your eyes, and your visitors can see everything better on such background than on any other.


Quality content

If the design is adequate, the reader will peek into your posts. Whether photographic, textual, or combined, you must put effort into them.

Posts are the core of any blog. Invest time in choosing the right, well-done photos. Commit to the idea you want to convey to your readers. Check the spelling and grammar errors and whether the links you left in the text are working. 

Content people actually want to read. Valuable content like yours does so much more for your online presence. But someone has to write it. 


Originality & plafullness

It’s hard to find a topic that has yet to be covered.

But if you’re selling, i.e., honey or a supplement, you should know that people are looking for such info. Specific research info can give your visitors insight that you know what you are talking about.

But it doesn’t sound robotic. Instead, be playful and creative when creating a blog post because every topic can work well if treated slightly differently. And new research comes out every day. But someone must do the legwork.


Communication with readers

Readers love it if you pay attention to them; nothing is worse than arrogant bloggers. Of course, the more visited the blog is, the more difficult it becomes to respond to every comment, but it is preferable to at least answer questions. 

Also, saying to amuse or bond is also communication. But a writer must exercise empathy.



Social networks

Social media presence is very important. You know that. How will readers learn about you if you don’t have profiles and pages? You don’t have to be present on all social networks; choose the ones where you express yourself best and be active. 

If you have the bravery, grow a …, e-mail list. E-mail was and it will always be a king.



health and wellness blogger, natural-health blogger, supplmenets blogger

Absence of you

What do you mean?

Well, I think everyone wrestles with this when they start realizing how much stuff they have to publish and what that actually looks like daily. And your business needs you on the other side. Or you no longer have time to maintain your blog but don’t want to lose followers.

Maybe you have a lot of content to publish and usually have to put some aside as you can’t write fast enough?!

This is why it slightly annoys me when some experts talk about earning potential when they have a creative studio of people who are there to keep content coming and up to date. 

But in your case, you need just one or two people to help you out. 

Maybe one quality health&wellness blogger and you can glance at the blog from time to time.



Presence of a blogger

You are right to ask for one, and you are yet to find a blogger that is there for small operations that don’t have a huge budget. However, there are a million content mills in existence. Google “blog writing services,” and you will find them.

The problem is going to be quality control. Yeah, you can easily hire writers at 2 cents a word. But what you get back is likely to be garbage. A good blogger is one where you don’t have to spend the majority of time copy editing and optimizing his stuff.

A good blogger is prolific, focused, consistent, analytical, and playful, with no resistance to using a ‘bad’ word if he needs it.

So, I used this copy to get you here. The question is whether you stay because I can help you eliminate the most from the list above.

Before you go…


HERE ARE the results I made for a producer of the rarest and most expensive honey in the world.

Please note the dates and number of visitors.



This was when the website blog was established and put online.


health and wellness blogger, natural-health blogger, supplmenets blogger
health and wellness blogger, natural-health blogger, supplmenets blogger
health and wellness blogger, natural-health blogger, supplmenets blogger

All the time, your posts have been really good and tell a very good representation of our products. Also, I have noted the time people spend reading, which is quite amazing. It’s a great credit to your writing Nesh. Very well done!

– Bill Gluyas, “Manuka Natural”



But … who cares if he or others think I’m great, right? Just click here to see for yourself what all the fuss is about.