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Structure and textual simplicity

Amazing blogs for Herbal supplements companies 



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Structure and textual simplicity.  Amazing blogs for Herbal supplements companies 

If I tell you to make a list of all the different thoughts for your business you’ve had so far, how long do you think it would take to realise them?  Maybe it’s time to get some help?!

If I tell you to make a list of all the different thoughts for your business you’ve had so far, how long do you think it would take to realise them? Maybe it’s time to get some help?!

“We loved your conversational style, the depth of knowledge and a passion you articulated for the subject. It is a worthy addition to the site.”

– Neil Henry, The Natural doctors.


Who am I ?

Who am I ?

Hello! I’m Nesh, a professional natural-health blogger for hire. Writing blog posts on herbal supplements subject and natural ways to stay healthy in storytelling style is my specialty.

Spending all my free time outdoors, so one day I came to an idea: “wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to relax and feel peaceful – maybe even doing some work at the same time?!” – so I’m writing this from my very own Japanese garden.  95% my handiwork  🙂

There is little more that makes me happy than sharing my words with the world. I see something, think about it, and very soon it’s in a text.

Nesh Pejak, natural health copywriter
Nesh Pejak, natural health copywriter

What I do ?

What I do ?

You are busy, and you need results. I get that!

When you’ve got a pile of random ideas, I shape them into valuable natural-health texts. I have plenty of experience in the personal development field and educational setting, so my copy is easy to read, informative, SEO friendly and always interesting.

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How I do it ?

How I do it ?

When I get behind your project, I will lead every single thing in a worthy direction. A direction you ultimately want to go, plus in every work I put elements in a way which are uniquely me, and me alone. My secret?

I’ve injected massive quantities of emotion in my work. That’s Nesh by nature. 😀 Do it right or don’t do it at all. Every word, every image is designed to evoke and provoke basic human emotions and hunger for more.

This is critical. With your information and my work, you’ll finally be able to put 2+2 together and watch how it comes out to be 22, and not just 4.

Highlight behind this story is that I have personal experience in almost all areas of natural health. How? Well, let’s just say that I’m raised in a family that believed in kind Mother Nature.

This is how I will help your natural-health business grows.


The power of written word

The power of written word

Writing is the least appreciated and the least understood as web skill. A lot of entrepreneurs don’t understand the power of the written word.

A copy is making a connection with people more than pronounced words, but only when you organize them in proper order.

90% of copy suck and that is because of one thing. Cheap mindset! If you going to spend 5000$ on marketing budget and not a single dollar on a copy, soon you’ll be wondering why you aren’t making any profit.

Again, people spend thousands of dollars on a website but they don’t have time to take a look at the copy and ask themselves:” what is the message that I send?!”

It’s like, you build a beautiful home but saving money on furniture.

If you think about the favorite book you’ve read, by the end of it, it will make you feel like you know your character. That is what you want people to feel when they are on your site.


Think outside the pill!

Think outside the pill!

What is it that allows some people to get with their businesses everything they need, and yet everyone else can try the same things, read the same books, work just as hard…and never get a breakthrough?

Business starts making you profit when you take 100% responsibility for your work. Stop blaming others!

Let me ask you something, dear reader – are there other businesses in your industry that are kicking your ass? They are doing mostly the same things as you do and getting bigger. It means that they are doing something that you don’t know or have all the elements. What? Hues!

This is why my work is different from others. Is it better, you will decide! Through our text, you will show that you care. You will do it, morally, ethically, legally and most of all, with a hue that elevates you from others.

People will love it. Why? Because my friend, you are doing something a few are. You care. They are not just your prospects and bank accounts- they are your tribe.

There are entrepreneurs who are waiting for things to happen and some who make things happening.

Which one are you?