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Another natural-health blogger?

And digital supplements copywriter or digital copywriter

– So what?

So we can position your copy as a solution to people’s problems!

A digital copywriter for all supplement business owners who are doing their best  – 

but can’t figure out what’s missing

In the world of supplements, one thing is still necessary: How to send your message across and sell more?

This digital copywriter and blogger won’t waste your time.

You are here today because:


YOU HAVE an e-commerce or blog website with a few sitting ducks that aren’t generating traffic.

YOU ARE NOT SURE if the blog strategy still works.

YOU ARE PISSED OFF every time you check your website’s stats.

YOU ARE NOT LIKING the idea of your supplements having a robotic description.

YOU ARE GETTING USED to being a one-man business, and now you are burning out.

YOU NEED to generate traffic, like… yesterday?!

YOU’RE AFRAID to answer when people are asking: “How’s business?”

How a digital copywriter/blogger can help your business?

How a digital copywriter/blogger can help your business?

Have you watched the Lego Movie?

(A little bit too much for my age…but I like it…)

In the spirit of that, cast your mind back to childhood…

You’ve just bought a brand new Lego set.

You’re excited to build and play with whatever’s on the box – a house, a car, a spaceship, whatever. Now, imagine that when you get home and eagerly tear open the box and empty out all the lego pieces…

There are no instructions!

digital copywriter

You ALONE have to figure out how the pieces connect to create the finished model. But you have no instructions, and no process to follow that’ll actually take you to the finished product.

You hate that you have to put the pieces together by yourself.

Well, here’s the thing ;

With a digital copywriter/blogger on your side, you don’t have to.

Why do you want to choose me?

As a digital copywriter, I am challenged to find relevant research papers to back up your products and copy.   

But, also, I am a:


I walk my talk.
I know how supplements work.
I know when they don’t work and how to pass that info to a broader audience.

And all that without you being slapped by the FDA.

Since I mountain climb and sail, I rearranged my life when I was 23, and since then (15 years), I have been supporting my health with many supplements for a healthier and agile lifestyle.

Digital copywriter = Timekeeper

Nenad Pejak

A lot of supplement business owners are afraid that they won’t have time for their blogs. And that is true. And when they do, they are not doing it right.

Hard work with the wrong philosophy still equals bankruptcy and the lost time is never found.

Imagine that you are setting your own schedule and making more money from a single deal by focusing on more relevant parts of your business.

Hi, my name is Nenad Pejak, but people are calling me Nesh. I’m a digital copywriter and blogger who is specialized in writing about herbal/fitness and CBD supplements.

Congratulations! You’ve just found who is going to nanny your website.

Now, you have 3 options here. The first option is that you can continue with the time management hustle. And that means brainstorming blog post ideas based on their blog categories, high intent keywords (SEO), industry trends, customers’ needs. But also content that will attract and rank.

But let’s be frank, you wouldn’t have read up to this point if you wanted that. You are here because you believe that you deserve more time, more freedom. Why else would you be in this business?

natural-health blogger

The second option is that you can hire a digital copywriter/blogger like me to write for you. Then when you approve his work, you upload it to your WordPress or any other CMS.

This is an option for people who are strong in studying and researching complex SEO, finding royalty-free photos, optimizing them, being familiar with custom CSS code, and improving the website’s performance using plugins.


What would extra time and energy mean for you if you knew that someone is running your natural-health blog? Thus, turning your visitors into returning customers with just one desire! It wouldn’t be bad to start generating higher rates than your direct competitors have. 

Not too shabby, right?

The third option is you choose one of the three packages: Bronze, Silver, or Gold where we end up working together (you just have to cast a glance from time to time and smile).

digital copywriter

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

If you don’t love it, you don’t have to pay for it. Period.



Bronze blog post

Fabula vincit omnia

Silver blog post

Everything you need to be competition ready

Gold blog post

For those who feel they need a little bit more


” Nesh is a talented go-getter, always adding value. Throughout our lasting work relationship, Nesh has brought professionalism, creativity, and optimism.
Looking forward to continuing on a path of success with this stellar individual.  A true team player!

                                                                                – Antoine Padalino from “”



Serbia, Europe
Serbia, Europe
Nesh Pejak

Still curious?

Still curious?